At Factory Edge Construction we know that as a business owner you have a thousand things to do in a day and limited time to complete them. Let our knowledgeable experts take the reigns of your commercial tenant improvement. There are 3 key objectives with fitting out your space: Schedule, Budget & Durability. Trust in us that we will do everything possible to make sure that your doors open on your scheduled opening date, that the budget you have allocated to the build gets you to completion and that the materials & finishes used will stand up to the commercial traffic of your industry. We are committed to your success! Let’s have a conversation about how Factory Edge Construction’s experts can get your space built, open and producing revenue.


Hero Athletics Gym Construction 

Factory Edge Construction specializes in making plans come to life. The owners of Hero Athletics asked us to help them build the gym they’ve been dreaming to own. Located in North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale, we built the gym from nothing but bare walls to the end result seen in this video. If you have a gym, or other commercial renovation or construction project, contact us to make your plans a reality.

Medical Office Renovation

Come see what we were able to do for our clients in their new medical clinic in New Westminster, BC. Factory Edge Construction specializes in working with businesses to complete commercial renovation projects within a set budget and time frame. By understanding the needs of the business, we can come up with ideas to help save money on the renovation. For example, we were able to repurpose cabinets and the counter for Innomar Clinics in order to create a functional, updated space.

before & after


Gracie Barra Main 

Breathing new life into dated spaces. Check out all of the upgrades we completed at this Gracie Barra location in Vancouver and then pop over to our testimonials page to find out what the client thought about them.

Hero Academy

Check out the photos and then pop over to the video section to watch how we transformed this space from an empty shell to a fully functional & beautiful combat sports academy.

Innomar New West

Take a look at this renovation we completed for a medical facility in New Westminster. Then watch the video for a complete description of the work completed.

Hastings Mills

This is not our typical type of project, but when we were presented the opportunity to work on a building with so much heritage, we couldn’t decline the offer. If you have never been to Hastings Mills Museum on Vancouvers West Side. Make it a point to go! You’ll be happy you did. Visit the website.

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