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Through the strength and expertise of our people, Factory Edge Construction has sustained its business success throughout the years, providing innovative construction solutions to complex consumer and commercial based projects across the lower mainland. While at the same time maintaining the highest standard of safety, because at the end of the day we want everyone to go home in the same condition that they came to work in.


Hi, I am Scott Turner the owner of Factory Edge construction. I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am happily married with a wonderful wife and son, who are the driving force behind why I do what I do. In my free time I enjoy Jiujitsu, camping & reading.

I have been a carpenter since 2008 and have been specializing in residential & commercial renovations since 2012. I developed a passion for working with my hands as young as I can remember. Lego’s where my first building blocks.

I incorporated Factory Edge Construction Ltd in 2012 with the intention of providing clients with a superior experience to what I saw was available on the market. At the time I worked for a contractor who, let’s just say had “Loose morals” I saw the effect that this had on moral of our crews and happiness of our clients. From there I decided to take the top five most common problems that people experienced with contractors and build a business doing exactly the opposite. I am pleased to say that today Factory Edge Construction is a thriving General Contracting Firm with glowing reviews from all our wonderful clients.

I appreciate all of our wonderful clients who entrust Factory Edge with their projects, our employees who truly make the dream work and our trades partners who continually and consistently exceed expectations.

our process

Initial consultation – Feasibility assessment

A chance for our staff to look at the space and troubleshoot any potential issues that could affect the build out.

A chance to dig into the details of the build so that we can make sure that this is a project that is ready to build. A lot of projects that come to us are in the very beginning stages and still require a designer to help our clients pick out finishes, colors & fixtures and permitting before they are ready to be built.  

A chance to evaluate the scope of the project and decide whether we will need a municipal building permit and consultants such as structural engineers or building envelope consultants etc.  

Most importantly it is a chance for our clients to put a face to Factory Edge Construction and make sure that our procedures and personalities are in line with what they are looking for in a contractor. We will be spending a fair amount of time together and always want to make sure that this is going to be a pleasant experience for all parties.

Design considerations – Are we ready to build?

If a designer is needed for your project Factory Edge has multiple designer partners that we work with that can help you with as much or as little as is necessary. Our designers can do as little as help you pick out colors. Or alternatively they will help you start to finish redesigning your floor plan all the way to picking out your furniture and everything in between.  

Budget Estimate – Understanding construction costs

Our budget estimate is based on historical data pulled from similar projects that we have completed in the past, current materials costs & projected subtrades costs. This step is designed to give our clients a realistic understanding of what current construction costs are. At this stage we are able to add wish list items or remove items from the scope to make sure that your project falls within your budget parameters.

Retainer Deposit – Commitment

At this point in the process, we are both fairly invested and confident that we are a good fit and will be building a project together. Factory Edge Construction then takes a non refundable deposit of roughly 5% of the estimated value of the project and gets to work. This 5% will ultimately be reimbursed to your contract once you have decided that you will be proceeding with Factory Edge and a fixed price contract has been signed.  What you can expect from Factory Edge Construction at this point is for us to start scheduling our sub trades for their respective walk throughs of your project in order to create their fixed price contracts for their respective scopes and ultimately our fixed price contract which will become the road map of our build. Also during this step Factory Edge will put together & submit your municipal building permit so that even if you ultimately decide to go with a different firm, you have all you need to get your project started.  

Formal “Fixed price contract”

In this phase we will submit to you, your “fixed price contract” by way of a proposal meeting. In this meeting we will go through the build out with you in detail to make sure that everything that you want has been included and also that you understand fully the process in which your project will be built.

The build – Our promise to you

During the build of your project, you can be assured that you will always be able to contact the project manager assigned to your build. There is nothing worse than having your space being renovated and feeling like there is no communication with the people putting it back together. If there are changes that you would like to make, it’s totally fine. We will give you a price for the new scope or allocate the credit for the scope we are removing. Only you truly know what your dream final product needs to be. Working with Factory Edge you will always have friendly and experienced trades onsite who will be happy to have a quick chat about what they are building for you. You will never at any point feel like a stranger in your own home. Your project will always be clean & organized. We believe that a clean site is a productive and safe site. We strictly enforce this value to our subtrades & employees. If you are ever unsatisfied with the cleanliness of your project, just contact your Factory Edge representative and it will be addressed immediately.

Deficiencies walk through – You shouldn’t have to find the mistakes

Factory Edge completes multiple deficiencies walk throughs throughout the duration of your project to make sure that layout and installations are accurate and conform to industry standards. You shouldn’t have to point out workmanship issues, that is what you have hired us for!

Client turn over – A happy client means a successful project

Before we turn over your project you can be assured that we have completed final deficiencies walk throughs, corrected any issues and had a professional “Construction Cleaning Crew” come through to collect the pesky construction dust, remove any residues that may be left over and clean all of the interiors of your windows. 

Core Values

Our goal is to change the stigma around hiring a contractor in the lower mainland. Our industry is full of contractors who fall short of their mark. This is an unfortunate fact that too often, home owners and commercial clients alike find out the hard way. Factory Edge is committed to changing the way you view contractors in general through our “Trust, Reliability and Ability“ policy. We strive to build your trust through developing a pattern of reliability in our punctuality and commitment to your project as well as building your confidence in our ability to get your project completed in a safe, efficient, and professional manner.

Our Core Values are:

  • Safety First – We ensure a safe, healthy work environment and a ‘zero injury’ culture.
  • Trust and Candor – All of our people conduct themselves professionally, with candor, respect and integrity. We believe that trust, reliability and ability are the framework for long lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to do whatever it takes to make sure that these values are always maintained.
  • Passion for Excellence – Pace-setting and innovative. We are always striving to find a better way. Doing it right the first time – every time.
  • A People Focused, Learning Culture – We invest in hiring the best leaders of our industry and then continue to help them to improve even further towards realizing their full potential. Learning is core – we never stop trying to improve.
  • Results Oriented – We have a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude. Empowered and Educated within their respective trades, our people work together within a common framework of values, strategies and key processes to make sure your project is completed on time and on budget!

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